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Quality handcrafted knives for the meticulous sportsman.

About The Knife Maker

Welcome to my web page and thank you for your interest in my work and my knives. I have been making knives since 1978, and sold my first knife in 1980. I am 100% self taught when it comes to knife making. I started with my first piece of steel, and moving forward step by step, while I was studying knife making books, and buying knife making machinery. After many years of practice and creation of beautiful as well as functional knives, I decided to make it my main business. When you buy a knife from me, you will get a full satisfaction guarantee. I want you to be happy with your knife purchase.

About My Work

Today I have a full featured machine shop, with all the equipment needed to process steel as well as wood. It's still a very high level of manual work. That's the beauty of knife making. I only use the best quality of steel and aluminum and when it comes to wood, I prefer exotic hardwoods. My preferences is reddish wood for the knife handles, but I can use any kind you like on custom orders. I can also sell you the raw materials if you are interested in making your own knives.

Buying my Knives

I have two options for you if you want to purchase knives from me. You can either contact me with your own custom request, and I will get back to you with details about the knife, cost and specifications. Or you can order one of my already made knives. Either way, please contact on the email below.

I put a tremendous amount of time into my knives and it is no secret that the prices reflect all this work and perfection. If you came here to find cheap knives (I'm getting a lot of emails about that)  then unfortunately I will have to disappoint you. I do however recommend this place to buy manufactured knives at wholesale prices. You do not have to be a business to buy from them. That's a total different quality though. You will know the difference when you first hold one of my knives in your hand.

Email: akknife@akknife.com


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